Our mission

Grolla wants to empower brands and customers by bringing them together on a unique and intuitive digital experience.
We give brands the ability to promote, store, manage, analyse and monitor their data and contents so their customers can have a safe, simple and fun online journey.


A resume of what we have been doing

Grolla, the birth

The Grolla story begins in 2015 at Lisbon, Portugal. James Albuquerque was a usability designer and analyst. An internet geek and online games lover. He started working in design agencies and later on he changed to the B2B sector. During that time he knew the digital market was going to face a big challenge in the future. He believed that with all businesses furiously looking to make their digital communication more attractive, to increase digital sales and attract prospects in a efficient way. The online market would eventually boom the online ads industry, the spam would dettach customers, the different apps and websites would account for a lack of trust. These problems guided James on a mission to rethink how brands communicate with their customers.

February 2016

Now we're a team

James was friends with Diogo for a few years. Diogo was studying Journalism at School of Communication and Media Studies. He knew Diogo was also a tech nerd and an avid internet user. So, he invited Diogo to join and focus on Grolla's internal and external communication.

April 2016

Let's put this baby up!

On 26 June 2017 we made it! We launched the alpha version of Grolla to the World Wide Web.

June 2017


In facts we trust

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Who we are


James Albuquerque



He is responsible for setting the rhythm in the company. He draws Grolla’s product strategy and vision. James has been honing his skills hoping to make the web experience more intuitive and organized. Since 2009 he has been working as a web designer, front-end developer and UI/UX designer. James has crossed paths with several design and marketing agencies. He also worked as a designer for the B2B. His job is to design modern visual interfaces combined with a strong appeal and a friendly experience. He believes that by using the right web strategy with a strong support from design, content can be more valuable while brands and customers reach new levels of satisfaction through this experience.


Diogo Borges

Head of Communications


His work is to manage and direct the company's internal and external communications. He is also responsible for handling our public relations staff and create communications strategies for the company. Diogo is Grolla's spokesperson so any media contact is conducted by him. He believes that Grolla is the chance to make things personal between brands and people. For him, this is a major breakthrough to both sides. Brands can easily show that customers come first and that they are making efforts to foster enduring trust with their audience. Diogo studied at School of Communication and Media Studies in Lisbon and he has been working mostly as a freelancer.